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Iliana F.

I’ve been having aches and pains, Flower Power helps them go away.

Robin Ward – Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

I used your salve on a client in spasm, then worked my massage magic. It worked like a charm. And he stunk pretty too!!

Angela C. – Professional Dancer & Mother

I have been having on going problems with my lower back. Applying the muscle, joint and bruise balm brings immediate relief. I massage it in before bedtime and wake up pain free in the morning! The super salve has worked great on healing a variety of cuts, scrapes, chapped lips, diaper rash etc. I love that it is safe and natural to use on my infant son.

Marilyn P. – Grade School Teacher

I use Flower Power when my muscles are sore after the gym, the next day my muscles feel so much better, enough to keep going back to the gym!

Kirry N. – Organic Farmer & Chef

Every time I apply it to my sore muscles, it offers almost immediate relief.

Helaina A. – Educator, Entrepreneur & Mother

So gentle on my toddler, my infant AND my post pregnancy tummy! They are a treat and I always feel better after using them!

Radomi Goodlife – Yoga Instructor, Doula, & Mother Goodlife Yoga Center

A great all around salve for everything from relieving dry skin to helping heals cuts and scrapes, I use it daily. Smells great too!